A vision EXAM that your customers will remember

Ocusweep offers fascinating insights into functional vision – and makes it easy to understand.

Benefits for your business

From eye function to the brain’s capability to process visual information, Ocusweep measures how your customers really see the world around them. That helps build your company’s image in a new direction, allowing you to offer a unique service to your customers.

The test reports guide the customers in understanding vision in a holistic way – and motivates them to periodically repeat tests to see how their vision changes over time.

Backed by studies

According to studies, consumers are very interested in their vision performance and the related new ways to measure vision.

In addition to traditional data, people want to know how wide, clear and fast their vision is, in order to truly understand their vision performance and its limitations. All these aspects play an important role in how individuals perceive their surroundings and are able to effectively handle their daily routines.

Helping your customers where it matters

Ocusweep tests help your customers understand how their vision works in real life situations. How well do they notice things happening around them? How clear is their sight and how fast can they react to sudden stimuli in their daily lives? All this is referred to as functional vision.

Measuring functional vision also matters because its changes can be a sign of an underlying but treatable eye disease.


The demand for easily available functional vision tests will only keep on growing. The reason is simple: such tests are essential for early detection of diseases related to both eye and brain function.

With Ocusweep, all of the following can be achieved with just one precise and reliable solution.


Sharpness of vision is the traditional measurement for whether or not a person needs glasses. The test can also quickly determine if the current lenses are suitable or if a new pair is needed.


Contrast vision tells customers how clear their vision is – specifically, this means the perception of lights, shadows and different shades of color. Weak contrast vision can make the field of view foggy and makes it difficult to recognise people and objects, especially in bad weather and in the dark.


A test of visual field is used to measure how the eye, ocular fundus, optic nerve and the brain discern the various areas within the visual field. This is crucial in traffic, for example. Because the brain seeks to compensate for the missing information, the tested individual is rarely conscious of the lack of it.


Reaction time represents the swiftness of coordination between the eyes, brain and muscles. Whenever there is stimulus, the signal travels via the optic nerve to the brain. After this, it still needs to be sent to the other part of the brain responsible for muscle operation. Then, another brain signal is needed to tell the muscles to take action. If all of this is handled quickly, vision is considered to work effectively – and vice versa.


The reaction time field test measures the functionality of the entire visual system. A good score requires a normal field of vision, attentiveness, control over eye movement and fast processing of stimuli.


Reports for professionals

The professional version of our reports include all the data in numbers, presented exactly as you are used to reading them. The report also includes the reliability indexes of the tests.

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Customer reports

The customer report presents the data in layman’s terms, making the results and their conclusions easy to understand.

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Digital version

All test results are available for the customer digitally in an easy-to-read format, making it possible for people to compare them in the context of their own age group, or share them with friends.

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Ocusweep measures the functions of the human visual system, including the efficiency of eye movement. It combines the features of several devices into one customer friendly package. Its unique, patented measurement algorithms guarantee the reliability of the results.

Easy to move around

Weight: 9.6 kg

Operation only requires a WiFi connection

2.4 Ghz WiFi

Works in regular lighting conditions

Fluorescent, halogen or led light



Medical device

CE approved, class 1m

Fits into a small space

Dimensions: 73 x 47 x 41 cm

Our pricing is carefree and straightforward

Starting fee

3000 € + VAT

With low starting costs, you get all the benefits of Ocusweep straight away for an astonishingly low price.

Monthly payment

320 € / month + VAT

Our monthly fee includes the latest updates, ongoing warranty and technical support. Our team is always here for you!