Vision needs another look

“Maintaining one’s functional vision is the ultimate goal of vision health care” – Professor David Crabb, City University of London

When I joined the world of vision testing over 3 years ago, I knew very little about vision health. An experienced colleague talked about contrast sensitivity and I asked – “what does that mean”? My impression is that this low level of understanding about vision is common among people at large. It seems that people are taking their most important sense for granted. Sight is the sense we most fear to lose – yet cherish the least. Why? I think the reason is that vision is a complicated sense, and not much has been done to popularize it and educate people about it.

This is why Ocusweep exists. Our mission is to help people understand and follow their vision.

The core business of optical retail is to sell glasses and frames. However, in recent years they have added eye and vision health related services and tests into their offering. Typically these tests are focusing on examining the structure of the eye with sophisticated equipment. Undoubtedly this is very useful and important. However, the fundus camera and optical coherence tomography (OCT) equipment are not easy for consumers to understand. When optometrists and ophthalmologists recommend these exams, people typically follow their expert advice.

This testing allows for early identification of a range of often symptomless eye conditions that, if detected, can be treated but, if not, run the risk of developing significant damage. But these tests do not tell people how they see in everyday life, how their vision truly works. Nor do they easily popularize the complex world of vision.

It is very encouraging that optical retail chains have recently started to show interest in Ocusweep and include our functional vision testing in their range. The game-like and pleasant test experience together with a personal vision report is getting excellent feedback from people who have done the tests. Finland’s largest chain, Instrumentarium ran a clever tv campaign in November, focusing on functional vision and vision in dim light.

Functional vision testing complements nicely the exams enabled by equipment from the leading industrial players within eye and vision health.

Ocusweep is all about functional vision and consumer experience. We wish to do our part in promoting vision health by making vision testing more popular and accessible.

There’s more to vision than meets the eye.

Pekka Silvennoinen, CEO, Ocusweep