Ocusweep is all about functional vision and consumer experience. We wish to do our part in promoting vision health by making vision testing more popular and accessible.

Vision needs another look
Pekka Silvennoinen, CEO
December 5, 2019
When I joined the world of vision testing over 3 years ago, I knew very little about vision health.
Visual Field as an Integral Part of Human Functionality
Mika Mahlamäki, Business Development Manager
October 10, 2019
Visual field is the entire area that can be seen when our eyes are focused on a central point. In addition to what can be seen straight ahead, the visual field
How to distinguish between fit and unfit drivers - PhD project and thesis
Iris Tigchelaar, PhD student
September 27, 2019
My name is Iris Tigchelaar, EGRET+ PhD student at UMCG (University Medical Centre Groningen) in Holland, and I joined OCUSWEEP in Finland in 2016 in order to