We’re changing the way people think about vision.

Our test for measuring vision performance goes far beyond regular eye examinations. For optical retailers, it is an effective way of increasing customer flow. For their consumers, it is an eye-opening experience.

The new way to see seeing.

A revolutionary vision test

Ocusweep offers a novel and fascinating window into functional vision. Unlike standard tests, it measures how vision actually works in everyday situations.

Our reports are easily approachable, helping people truly understand their vision and why it should be checked regularly.

Incredibly quick setup

Setting up the necessary equipment and our SaaS service takes less than a day, including training. Our hardware is extremely mobile, requires a very small amount of space and no extra procedures in terms of lighting. You only need a WiFi connection – we’ll take care of the rest.

Smart pricing, ongoing warranty and support

A modest starting cost makes Ocusweep a risk-free investment. Our monthly fee grants you access to the latest updates, ongoing warranty and technical support. We are always ready to assist you.

What’s included

Our solution includes the functional vision test hardware and a cloud service that allows easy access to dedicated reports for both professionals and clients.

Starting out with Ocusweep in 3 simple steps

1. Discussing your needs

We want to make sure Ocusweep meets the needs of your business. During the introductory discussion, we’ll select an installation day for the equipment and go through all questions and requirements unique to your case.

2. Installation and training

The equipment, complete with instructions will be delivered to you on a date that suits you best. The installation day also includes hands-on training. All this only takes a couple of hours per outlet.

3. Getting started

After installation, your Ocusweep examinations can begin straight away. Likewise, both professional and customer reports are at your disposal from day one.

what our customers say

Kirsi Heino
Optometrist, Ortoptist

“With Ocusweep tests, I can make sure that the functional vision of the athletes is at the level that their sport requires.”



“Ocusweep is a perfect tool to assess visual skills such as Visual Acuity, Contrast Sensitivity, Visual Field, and Reaction Time. The possibility to evaluate the visual reaction time in different areas of the visual field represents an added value to Ocusweep for its application in the field of Sport.”

Marja-Liisa Huuskonen
MD, Head of traffic medicine center, Turku University Hospital

“At Turku University Hospital's Traffic Medicine Clinic, we have, from the very start, researched the various dimensions of traffic vision with the Ocusweep method. The system has been robust and the reports are visually pleasing and clear. With Ocusweep, we have discovered cases of potential eye diseases and drivers whose vision is insufficient.”

Jyrki Riipinen
Optician, Store Owner

“After we acquired the Ocusweep system, consumers have learned to contact us about all kinds of vision related topics. This allows me to utilise the deepest purpose of my optician training: to help people see as well as possible while working together with ophthalmologists.”

Our pricing is carefree and straightforward

Starting fee

3000 € + VAT

With low starting costs, you get all the benefits of Ocusweep straight away for an astonishingly low price.

Monthly payment

320 € / month + VAT

Our monthly fee includes the latest updates, ongoing warranty and technical support. Our team is always here for you!